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Stash makes investing easy and affordable. Start with $5. We can help you build wealth and achieve your goals.

Stash is a personal finance app that makes investing easy and affordable for millions of Americans. By combining banking and investing in one app, Stash helps you build wealth your way.

Join the 5+ million people who know it’s never too early to invest in yourself.#

Get stock with #StashStockParty

Score bonus stock and more in new investments every week, with Stash Stock Party—the digital bash where you can invest, on us.

Smart Portfolio—Now with cryptocurrency exposure: Invest effortlessly.

Build wealth automatically with Smart Portfolio—by letting us invest for you. Plus, now get exposure to crypto—the Smart way. We’ll help you build a diversified portfolio that hits your financial goals.

INVESTING: Invest what you can afford.

With fractional shares, you can choose how much to invest. Choose from thousands of stocks and ETFs.

STOCK-BACK CARD: Invest as you spend.

When you use the Stock-Back® Card, we’ll give you stock in well-known brands.†

BANKING: Invest in your goals.

We can help you save money and protect you from hidden banking fees.§

RETIREMENT: Invest in your future.

Stash can help you plan and save for a secure retirement.‖

FAMILY: Invest in your children.

Help the ones you love most with children’s investment accounts.¶

ADVICE: Invest in your knowledge.

Get personalized investing guidance & financial education.


Our three plans can make it easy and affordable to build wealth.


Includes: Investing, Stock-Back® Card†, banking, saving tools, personalized advice, and more.

STASH GROWTH | $3/mo.*

Includes: Everything in Stash Beginner plus Smart Portfolio and a retirement account with investing tax benefits.‖

STASH+ | $9/mo.*

Includes: Everything in Stash Growth plus premium advice, and children’s investment accounts.¶


*Access to investment & banking accounts under each subscription which are subject to different regulations & limitations. Monthly Subscription Wrap Fee starts at $1/month. You’ll bear the standard fees & expenses reflected in the pricing of ETFs in your investment account(s), plus fees for various ancillary services charged by Stash & the Custodian. See Advisory Agreement & Deposit Account Agreement:

# Not an endorsement or statement of satisfaction by any client and is defined by the number of clients who have e-signed.

Stash pays pre-determined compensation to strategic partners who drive users to a Stash web property. Accordingly, you may have been redirected to the Apple Store by such incentivized third-party who would not have otherwise redirected you here.

Bank Account Services provided by & Stash Visa Debit Card (Stock-Back® Card) issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Investment products & services are offered by Stash Investments LLC, not Green Dot Bank, & are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed, & May Lose Value. Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Investing Involves Risk. Preliminary information provided to prospective clients prior to Stash accepting a signed advisory agreement is not investment advice & should not be relied on as such. Stash Investments LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser. Must be 18+ to open an account. Stash only available to US citizens, permanent residents, & select visa types.

Crypto is relatively new and can be volatile. Investments are Delaware Statutory Trusts and offer indirect exposure to Crypto.”